Lemmings for DOS

Lemmings was created by DMA design and published by Psygnosis in 1991. I first saw Lemmings on my cousins Tandy 1000 computer when visiting his family during christmas. We all had a quick go at it, but only really just scratched the surface as we didn’t have time to even complete the easy levels. Lemmings was one of the few games that supported almost every platform around including computers like the Amiga and Archimedes. In the PC version there is support for XT style machines with CGA, AT style machine with EGA or Tandy graphics and newer PCs with VGA graphics.  Sound wise I’ve only seen support for Tandy, Adlib and PC speaker. There was also a version made that supports windows (either win9x or win3.1).

We got Lemmings on our old 386sx computer originally, and everyone played it a lot trying to solve the harder puzzles. It had some of the best VGA graphics we had seen on our computer with impressively smooth animations and well designed sprites. It was also one of the few games I’ve seen that used a 640x350x256 VGA mode, which was used primarily to intermission screens and the main title screen. The other graphics modes are similarly impressive for each of the different capabilities of the machines.  We used PC speaker for sound which was unfortunate not because the PC speaker sound was bad, but because we missed out on some of the best Adlib music you can find.

The gameplay in Lemmings is fairly simple in concept, but can have some very difficult puzzles. You have to guide your group of Lemmings through levels filled with various hazards such as bottomless pits, crushers, and fire/steam throwers. Fortunately the Lemmings have various abilities you can use to avoid the hazards or neutralize them. The early puzzles are fairly easy and are basically there to teach you how to use the various abilities of the Lemmings. The difficulty ramps fairly gently but there are so many levels with so much variety that there is always something to make you think. The later levels also get very hard, and no-one in my family has been able to complete all of the levels. I’ve found that the gameplay is still good to this day, and since I haven’t played it for quite a while, I still find it to be quite challenging.


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