VGA Leaper for DOS

VGA Leaper is a Frogger clone written for DOS by Lee Chapel in 1992. We got this game on a shareware magazine cover disc in the mid 90’s, and never having played the original Frogger in the arcades we thought it was pretty good. If you’ve played Frogger in the arcades this game will be very familiar.  The basic elements of Frogger are all there:

  • The highway with different speed vehicles that you have to cross.
  • The logs and turtles flowing up and down the river (or lake) that you use to get to the end zone.
  • The female frog you can get for extra points and the other creatures that are obstacles throughout the levels.

As I’ve said I have never really played the arcade version myself, although I have seen footage of others playing. So I can’t make much in the way of a comparison between the two gameplay wise. What I have noticed from watching the footage is that the original Frogger is much faster paced, and the snake may appear on a log as well as the middle (safe) area of the screen. VGA Leaper starts out much slower, and is fairly easy to beat on the early levels. It does quickly get harder however but I suspect not as difficult as the original. This is to be expected really as arcade games were always notorious for being very hard, and ports to other systems usually are easier by quite a margin.

The graphics for this version of Frogger are quite good, and compare well to other clones on the PC and other systems. It doesn’t support any modes other than VGA from what I can see, but the documentation states that there was a CGA version available upon request. There is very little in the way of sound, with it only supporting PC speaker. There is no music which may be a blessing and there are also very few sounds, which all sound ok for what they are.

Playing this as a kid before I knew anything about the original, I thought this little game was pretty alright. It wasn’t something we ever spent a lot of time playing, but it was a nice quick distraction that could be finished pretty quickly. The graphics are nice, and the gameplay is reasonably challenging without being impossible, so I’d encourage anyone looking for a Frogger clone for PC to try this.


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