Spider Run for DOS

The Soleau Logo

The Soleau Logo

Spider run was made by Soleau Software back in 1994. It is a puzzle game much like Ant Run made by the same company earlier. In this game you have a map divided into a grid, filled with tiles that you rotate. Your task is to build a path for the spider to crawl along. As you complete levels the spider travels faster and the map gets harder to organise. In order to pass a level you have to get a certain score before the end of the level or the game ends.

Playing Level 1

Playing Level 1

The game uses EGA higher resolution graphics which are quite unusual for games of the time. Whilst there are not that many colours, the sprites and backgrounds are very detailed and attractive. Sound comes in the form of PC speaker and is nothing really exciting, but fortunately it isn’t annoying either.

Multiple start points!

Multiple start points!

The game plays and controls quite well, you use the mouse to make changes to the map by clicking on tiles to rotate them. As the spider travels around, tiles he travels over change colour, and can’t be used again.  If the spider travels off the edge of the map he wraps around to the other side, and if you have gone far enough the tiles you have traveled across are cleared with one being removed entirely. In the early stages of the game it is quite easy to get the spider to travel for quite a distance.

High Scores

High Scores

On some levels there are some bonus tiles you can cross in order to get some bonus points, and a fly may randomly get caught in the web which you may go and catch. Occasionally there will be an end tile which you must have the spider end its travels in to go onto the next level. I’ve also seen a level or two which has two start tiles, and you don’t know which one the spider will come out of.

End tiles

End tiles

There is an interesting educational component to this game in that between levels the game presents you with an interesting fact about spiders. As kids playing the game, we didn’t really learn any of the spider facts, as we often just ignored them and went on to the next level.

End of Game

End of Game

We originally got the game on a shareware cover disk like many other games for us at the time. We only ever played the game for short periods of time as the game play is fairly repetitive. I think Dad got the most out of the game, and is the person who dominated the high score table. It certainly is still quite fun, but still not something you’d spend any substantial amount of time playing.

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