Halloween Harry for DOS

Title Screen

Title Screen

Halloween Harry was released in 1993 by sub zero software and published by Apogee. The name was changed to Alien Carnage the next year, with some minor changes, including changing the order of the episodes. It has since been released as freeware in 2007.



I first played this game when I was in high school, it was installed on the machines in our computer labs. I often finished the class work ahead of everyone else, so frequently had time to play games. I was playing the original shareware version of the game which is episode 3 in the newer versions of the game. At the time I thought it was a pretty good action platformer and had many hours of fun playing through the levels.



The game is quite fast paced and has a variety of weapons and environments. The goal of each level is to free all the hostages, and to reach the exit. There are enemies around which will obviously try to get in your way, and will respawn some time after you kill them, usually when you leave the area. Killing enemies the first time around allows you to collect coins to buy weapons and ammunition. It is often best to avoid enemies rather than kill them a second time as your ammunition is limited and you don’t get coins after the first time.

Male Hostage

Male Hostage

You can resupply your weapons at vending machines in the levels, but they may be difficult to find. You get a jetpack to aid your mobility within the levels, but it uses the same fuel as the flamethrower. I found that the flamethrower was a good weapon most of the time, so the only incentive to use something else is really just about conserving fuel for your jetpack. However if you don’t spend much cash on other weapons you will frequently find fuel stations for the jetpack/flamethrower, so you shouldn’t often have a shortage.

Female Hostage

Female Hostage

The graphics and sound are very good, with good support for VGA and sound blaster devices, but not many others. Graphics are quite nice looking, but the same enemies and obstacles are reused throughout all of the episodes. Some of the graphical effects can get in the way, I found in the sewer sections the pipes obscured your view of what was happening often. This was kinda annoying as it made it difficult to navigate an area that shouldn’t be difficult. Sound is also quite good, with some nice music and sound effects.

Terminals and Vending Machines

Terminals and Vending Machines

Replaying the game now I’ve found I still enjoy it, but it can be a bit repetitive as many of the puzzles, enemies and features of levels are very similar. There are many good weapons, but you’ll find yourself using the flame thrower as few of the other weapons offer anything more useful. However It’s definitely worth a download and play through because the action is sound, and the basic mechanics of the game are fun.


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