Bouncing Babies for DOS

Bouncing Babies

Bouncing Babies

Bouncing Babies is a CGA game written in 1984 for the original IBM PC by Dave Baskin. The game is basically a clone of an old school game and watch game called Fire made in 1980. There is a building on the left hand side of the screen which is on fire, and for some reason there are babies falling out that you must catch with your firemen. The only trouble is they bounce! You have to bounce the babies into the ambulance on the right hand side of the screen. You loose a life if you happen to miss one as babies falling from a height onto the pavement do not survive so well.

Being such an old game it was made with the oldest PCs in mind. That means CGA graphics and PC speaker sound. The graphics are simple but quite good for CGA. The sound is a simple noise for when each baby bounces, fortunately it’s not annoying and it’s a little reminiscent of the type of sound that would have come from the original game and watch games. If you plan to play this on anything more powerful than an 8086/88 you need to use a slow down utility as the game runs way too fast on anything faster. On dosbox a setting of around 250 cycles would be best, but adjust that to suit your play style.

Game play wise it is a pretty faithful clone of the original game, the only difference being there are babies falling instead of the generic humanoid shapes in the original. With all the babies falling down it makes me wonder what happened to the parents, and why there are so many babies! The game is good for a short burst of play and is challenging, but there are much better games for PCs of that era. As a game and watch game it would have been excellent for the time, and good for keeping kids busy on long car trips.


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