Clyde’s Revenge for DOS

Clyde's Revenge

Clyde’s Revenge

Clyde’s Revenge was made by Moonlite software back in 1995 and is a sequel to the original Clyde’s adventure. Moonlite software also made Hocus Pocus and Taking Care of Business. Clyde’s Revenge appears to be the last game Moonlite software made. It is a puzzle platform game much like its predecessor and appears to use an enhanced version of the Hocus Pocus game engine.

Their Logo

Their Logo

When you first start the game you get a nicely animated ASCII style menu that allows you to change the sound card settings and create a profile for yourself. This is unusual as this is usually done in either a separate program or within the graphical menu in game. It does make resuming a game from the level you are up to a little easier as it auto saves your progress in your profile.

Silver Key

Silver Key

The graphics are much the same in style as the original, but have the parallax scrolling background capability from Hocus Pocus. The art style echoes the older games improving some elements with extra animations and colour. Each level has a colour theme which changes every two levels. Because there are no enemies in game many elements of the levels are animated including energy pickups and hazards such as lava. In fact in some levels a large number of the static bricks are all animated. This means the game uses more processing power than Hocus Pocus because of how much is animating on screen.

Stones and Energy

Stones and Energy

There is a wide variety of sound support, more than most games. I used Sound Blaster digitised sound for sound effects and music and found both were quite good. The music changes along with the visual theme of the level you’re playing and reflects the nature of the game. The sound effects are kinda cartoonish in a way, mostly being ok. The sound effect for when you get hurt is however a big annoying scream which doesn’t seem to fit all that well.



The game is primarily a puzzle game so game play is significantly different. You are tasked with collecting all the stones that are around a level. This requires you to explore and find all the different areas of the level which are sometimes hidden quite well. There are a few different mechanics that help you travel around levels. Firstly there are the normal controls, which are pretty much like other platform games and are precise. Switches may open up new areas not necessarily on screen and sometimes walking somewhere will trigger a passage to open. Springs will throw you up in the air higher each time you bounce on them.

An interesting an different feature comes from the original Clyde game. Clyde has a wand which he can use to temporarily destroy some types of bricks below him. Sometimes this reveals a spring or switch which can further exploration attempts.



The game is difficult but easier than the original as the original took energy away just for moving. You only lose energy in this one by falling a long distance or being hurt. Even though there are no enemies, there are still plenty of ways to be killed in a level. It will usually take several attempts to complete a level. There are a few different difficulty levels which may make your life easier (or harder) including one for kids which has infinite health. So anyone will find a setting to suite them.



Because it can take quite a few tries to pass a level I’m not all that far into the game. You have to practice a level just in order to finish it, where as in a game like Hocus Pocus you replay a level to get higher scores. This can make it a little repetitive until you are able to move on to the next level, but rewarding when you do. The platforming and puzzles are enjoyable, and like the other Moonlite software games I have enjoyed playing it immensely.


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