Lawn Mower for DOS



Lawn Mower is one of those games that has many different versions out there. Today I played one by Christopher D. Orr created back in 1987. The game is as you might guess a very simple arcade like game. You push your lawn mower around the lawn in order to cut all the grass. There are a few hazards such as a gopher that can make holes in the ground, and a dog that chases you. If you hit something enough and it hasn’t killed you right away, you damage your mower and require a new set of blades. This requires you to return to the shed to put the new blades on.



The game doesn’t really have graphics to speak of as this is a text-mode based game. This means that it should support even the oldest CGA adapter and possibly even MDA. The display is reasonably easy to understand and instructions are provided along with a legend of what everything is. Sound comes only on PC speaker, which is unsurprising as it was written before sound cards became popular. Unfortunately the sound of the mower engine is annoying, much like real life. So it is best to play with the sound off.

That's all you get paid

That’s all you get paid

The controls are easy to get to grips with as you basically use the arrow keys to control your direction. You can change the speed of the mower by pressing one of the number keys across the top of the keyboard. This means you can adjust the speed to suite how fast you can play and the area in which you are mowing. It is wise to go slower amongst the mazes and tighter areas, and faster in more open spaces.

One with a hedge maze!

One with a hedge maze!

The game play has been compared to other games such as Pac-Man, but I don’t know that’s very accurate. There are only really two enemies to avoid in the gopher and dog. The gopher will simply randomly appear and occasionally leave behind a gopher hole that will damage your mower. The dog persistently chases you around the lawn and runs pretty much directly at you mindlessly. Whilst these can both require some effort to avoid the main challenge that will have you replacing your mower is the tighter sections of the lawn where you run into things more frequently.

Ah Roses

Ah Roses

Lawn mower is simple and easy to play for a short burst. It’s fun, but not something you’ll spend hours upon hours playing. I still found it compelling enough to play it all the way through a few times, which didn’t take long at all. It’s good as a quick distraction, and seemingly should run on pretty much any PC including vintage ones.


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