Photos from Home

I’m about to leave my parents place to head back home and back to work. I always quite enjoy the trip here to Narrabri and find it a much needed break from the stresses of every day life. Today I thought I’d share some of that with you in the form of photos I’ve taken over the years along with a description of what makes this place special to me.

Narrabri trip 07-09 010

Here we see one of our tractors with the planter and shed in the background behind it. The large tree in front of the shed is where we used to play as children. We used to climb it and play with our trucks and cars in the dirt below it, often whilst Dad worked in the shed nearby. The tree has since gone, as it had gotten sick and died. Many places around the farm hold memories like this.

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My mother likes to maintain a garden, she grows some fruit and vegetables, but she often has a number of nice flowers growing. Also in this set of photos are some succulents, a lemon from our tree, a Cedar tree and some Buffel grass in seed. This of course very much depends on the season and how much rain there has been. The more water dependent plants grow in the drains for the house.

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Here we were feeding some of our cattle. They are curious creatures, and much smarter than most people give them credit for. When we’re out fencing they’ll often come and check out what we’re doing. To get them to come and get food Dad will have molasses on the back of the ute. They can smell it from quite some distance and because it is basically junk food for cattle they usually come running for a feed. One here is licking up some spillage.

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Here are some shots out in the paddock. It was rather dry when I took these, even though it looked like it might rain.

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Sometimes when it rains, it really rains. Lots of water will flow down the various streams that lead into dams or off towards the river. Unfortunately it hasn’t rained like this for quite some time and a few dams are looking a little dry.

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Finally sunset is often a very nice time of day. The air starts to chill and feels and smells fresh, the sunset often silhouettes parts of the landscape whilst filling the sky with an orange glow. I’ve taken a number of shots over the larger of our dams towards a big windmill. Unlike the big smoke, sunsets like this are a regular occurrence.

I haven’t been able to capture all the nature that makes it special here. Many different species of birds live nearby and fill the air with their song. When I hear a Magpie warbling or a Kookaburra laughing I often think of this place. I make sure to come back on a regular basis, not just to see my parents, but to experience and feel the peace that this place brings. Whilst I don’t live here permanently anymore a part of me still feels like this is home to me.

Next week, I’ll be back at home and back to technology stuff after my relaxing break!

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