By sparcie

This is a collection of some harder to find software that I’ve found on various magazine coverdisks. Unless otherwise mentioned these are the original archives from the disks themselves and are shareware versions.

Trap : An original game by Bruce Brandt that I wrote about some time ago here. I’m offering it here as it’s hard to find and freeware. This is the original archive I found.

Wood Fruit: A Fruit machine simulator you can play without actually losing lots of money. This is a self extracting COM file that you’ll need to run within Dosbox or on real DOS. I wrote about it here.

Blots: A strange two player puzzle game that originated on the Acorn Archimedes. I wrote about it here.

Megapede: An ASCII art based centipede clone. It is sensitive to CPU speed so either use an old machine or dosbox. I wrote about it here. I had lost the original archive so this is recreated from files on disk and is complete.

Snooker and 8Ball: Simulations of both these real world games. Both feature digitised sound over the PC speaker that works nicely on real hardware but not on dosbox. I wrote about both of these here. Again I had to create these archives as the originals were lost. but these new ones are complete.


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