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World of Warships

I didn’t get to posting this weekend because I’ve become pretty much addicted to World of Warships which is now in open beta. I hadn’t played the other games because I’m not as interested in tanks or warplanes, but when I ran into some videos on youtube from the Mighty Jingles, I just had to give it a go. I thought I’d give some of my first impressions.

You start out with some basic ships, the US Cruiser Erie and Japanese Cruiser Hashidate. There isn’t much difference between the two really, but the Hashidate mounts its guns in twin turrets making any damage to them worse for your firepower. Both ships are basically just gun boats, which is a good thing because extra features you run into later can complicate matters.

Initially you can only play in co-operative play against AI opponents, again a good idea. The AI is a bit gentler than human players and gives even a new player the chance to get some good shots in. It isn’t stupid however and will provide a challenge or even win if you aren’t careful. I recommend doing co-operative play whenever you’re trying new stuff out like a new ship class. Most games are random battles you play against other players.

There are four basic ship classes, each useful in their own right. Destroyers are the smallest ships, but because they are hard to spot and pack powerful torpedoes even the largest ships need to fear them. Cruisers are the jack of all trades, they often can hold their own in a gunnery duel and have some armour protection. Some have torpedoes and good anti-aircraft defenses and can serve many roles. Faster cruisers can avoid torpedoes (but not always) and even dodge battleship fire if they’re lucky. But battles ships will win a one on one fight usually.

The two larger classes of vessels whilst powerful require protection in one way or another. The battleships have large guns, but they take a long time to reload, so a cruiser can pummel one if they can avoid their fire. Torpedoes are a terrible hazzard and everyone who can will shoot many in your direction. Some of the faster battleships can dodge torpedoes, but will often take a hit or two. Luckily they have thick armour, so they can take a lot of damage before they finally sink, and the big guns can and will punish anyone foolish enough to be in their sights.

Carriers are an entirely different beast. They can attack anyone of the map, but if the enemy has good anti-aircraft guns they can run out of aircraft and hence combat effectiveness. They are also vulnerable to pretty much any other ships gunfire or torpedoes, so they need to hide away and have some kind of escort.

The ships are organised into tiers with older less powerful ships at the bottom ranging to the most powerful at the top. I’m still on lower tier ships at the moment, so the battles are closer tougher dog fights because the range of the guns isn’t as long.

Using a lower tiered ship doesn’t disadvantage you as much as you might think. Ships like the St Louis have enough firepower to threaten cruisers and destroyers further along the tier system. Although most of the time the match maker manages to fit you with similar players, it’s not a disaster if you’re only a little lower on the scale.

In terms of historical accuracy, there are some areas which have been tweaked to ensure things are nicely balanced. But there is certainly a lot of realism despite this. The way shells interact with the armour of a ship has been modeled, including the effect of the angle of impact. Shells can deflect off armour causing little to no damage. High Explosive shells don’t penetrate as much, but cause damage such as fires. Personally I think they generate too many fires, but that’s just my opinion.

So far I’m really enjoying playing World of Warships, it’s easy to get into and learn, but deep enough that strategy and skill count. It is also hard to sink even smaller vessels, so newer players won’t be killed before they have a chance to fight. I look forward to the new ships from other nations as they come out, particularly the UK and German fleets. I’d like to try out HMS Rodney, HMS Hood, Scharnhorst or Admiral Graf Spee.

The game is free to play with transactions for some premium ships, and things you can do, but it certainly isn’t a pay-to-win game. I saw the price on some of the premium ships and thought they were a bit expensive at $39 AU for the Battleship HMS Warspite for example, but other items such as extra ship slots are much cheaper. I am happy to invest in this game because it is so good, but the price tag for a single ship is a bit much. Maybe if the Australian price comes down I’ll reconsider.


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