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Hardware Donation

It’s not everyday that someone moves house, and when someone I know moved house recently they found a pile of old computer gear they didn’t want anymore. They asked me if I wanted any of it and of course I said yes! So last weekend I got this rather large box of old computer gear. I just had enough time this weekend to unpack it and take some photos.

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Storage Box Photo Tour 1

A couple of weeks ago I got all my hard disks out and took photos of them. This made me wonder if any of the disks still worked and what was on them. I keep all my PC expansion cards stored in some storage tubs inside static bags with some desiccant packs to keep them dry, which means I would have to have a look in them to search for a SCSI card to test the drives with. I figured why not take some photos of the cards whilst I am at it.

Basic tech cleaning gear

Basic tech cleaning gear

Firstly I have here a picture of two very useful things every computer technician should have around. A can of isopropyl alcohol in spray form for cleaning slots of various types, you could use contact cleaner as well, but that leaves a residue sometimes. The box is full of isopropyl infused medical wipes which are good for general cleaning and can be used to clean card edges and the like. Very useful for cleaning thermal paste up if you ever need to, they are less messy than other methods. Not pictured but also useful is a tooth brush (not used for teeth anymore!) and cotton buds to aid in the cleaning process.

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