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Restoring the Sun Keyboard and other Randomness

A few weeks ago I had a Sun type 5c keyboard and mouse donated to me by a co-worker. It is significant because it will allow me to convert my Sparcstation 20 into a desktop workstation. I have a sbus frame buffer card on order and just need to get a 13w3 to VGA converter to complete the machine. I had previously been using it as a server for VPN, HTTP and SVN duties.

Sun Keyboard and Mouse

Sun Keyboard and Mouse

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New Keyboard! Logitech G105

Recently my keyboard died and I obviously was in need of a new one. So I went down to the local electronics places and for the life of me couldn’t find a simple basic keyboard that had normal full throw keys. They were all ultra flat things similar to those used in laptops, some with extra gizmos and some that were wireless. Having worked in IT support I knew the woes of wireless and the ultra flat keyboards don’t quite feel right for me. So finding a decent keyboard with a good price was looking like it was going to be difficult. This is when I found a place with some more traditional style keyboards (an office supply place of all things). I found the Logitech g105 gaming keyboard for about $66 australian.

The keys feel good and responsive and it is comfortable to type on quite quickly. I do a lot of typing for coding so this was quite important to me. There are a number of programmable buttons on the left hand edge, but I haven’t found a use for them yet, and they require software installation to make them work. There are two buttons at the top of the keyboard that are quite useful! One is for disabling the windows special keys, which is generally useful for gaming. This is brilliant for me as I often hit those keys whilst playing Doom and some of the other retro games that use keys around there. The other button toggles a function I didn’t expect: back lighting for the keys! I was quite surprised when I first tried the keyboard, but pleasantly so. The lighting is a soft blue colour and is not invasive even when the lights are out. It has two different lighting levels, but I usually just have it on the brightest setting.

I thought this was pretty good value for the price especially considering many of the other gaming keyboards cost twice as much as this one! It isn’t as good as an old school mechanical keyboard, but those are either expensive (for new ones) and very hard to find second-hand ones in good nick. It is much better than all the silly ultra flat keyboards and feels like it is well made.

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