By sparcie

Here are some links to pages/video series that I quite enjoy.

Doshaven: A site for modern home brew MS-DOS games, there are a bunch here I intend to try out. It’s fairly new but already has a number of games available, eventually I’ll make some posts about some of them.

Dos Nostalgia: Anatoly has a podcast, videos and blog posts all about our favourite retro DOS games. He has a unique perspective partly because he grew up in Russia, and he has guests from all over the world on his podcasts. I find the podcast in particular a very good listen as he and his guest go into great depth into a subject.

Lazy Game Reviews: is a web video series about video games across a multitude of retro computer systems. He is informative, and entertaining, and has a dry wit that has me smiling quite often and feeling nostalgic for the systems or games he is reviewing. Watching videos like his is what got me interested in collecting old machines.

Ancient Dos Games: is a web video series exclusively about Dos games (duh!). The show is by a programmer, so he often has a bit of insight into the programs and how they work. He provides some good advice about how to get old software running in dosbox, and some history on the games and hardware.

RGB Classic Games: Useful site for finding DOS games that are now free, and copies of shareware demo’s of ones that are still under copyright. Also has some useful information for someone new to using dosbox. I used gwbasic as my first programming language so consequently I can relate to the author of this page. he has some new games written for the interpreter and some stories others have submitted about their experiences. This page has recently been revamped and taken over by someone new, but still has some good content.

Rob Hagemans’ Hoard of GWBASIC: A nifty repository of a bunch of GWBASIC code from all over the internet from the person that brought us PC-BASIC.

Old-Computers: is a website with information about pretty much every old retro computer and console imaginable. Chances are if it’s old, and you want to find out basic hardware information on a machine, these guys will have information about it.

NetBSD: is the main website for getting, installing and using NetBSD. This is useful if you happen to have an old sparc station as NetBSD is one of the few OS’s still available for the platform.

FVWM: The main website for the FVWM window manager. You can find information about installation, configuration and documentation. There are also a few links to where you can find themes, and other pre-made configurations. Unfortunately the home page is now gone, but accessible from the internet archive.

download-central: A website which has numerous demos, freeware and shareware software that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Unfortunately the site has been dead for a while now, although you might be able to find what you want using the internet archive. A website that lets you play many DOS games in your browser via the java version of dosbox. They don’t offer downloads but it is a useful place to try a game you can’t find. The home page of youtuber Jimplaysgames, here he has a list of his videos (which is quite extensive) and information and downloads for his games. I love watching him and Pacbilly play games together as they have a special chemistry that produces comedy frequently. Gough Lui is another blogger who writes about a wide array of interesting areas of technology. He has expertise in Satellite and RF technology and frequently writes about it. I’ve also enjoyed some of his articles on phones, tablets, batteries, and computer hardware. A website belonging to a classic computer collector called Terry Stewart. He has an impressive collection which he maintains and documents on his website and on Youtube. His site has useful tips in many articles about repairing classic machines. Probably one of the best places to find resources for System 80 and TRS 80 machines.

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