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New Microphone setup

It’s no secret that my old microphone was less than ideal. Basically it wasn’t sensitive enough, wasn’t easily adjustable, and sounded different every time I set myself up for recording.

It’s a cheap lapel mic, which explains much of the quality issues I experienced, it was however better than nothing and allowed me to get started making content. Fortunately I had salvaged an old condenser microphone from some equipment that was being retired.

It’s an AKG GN 30 ESP with a CK31 capsule, which isn’t a particularly modern piece of audio gear, but from what I’ve read online is actually fairly decent, and something that they still make. From what I’ve read online it seems these are commonly installed in Churches, various types of halls, and often teleconferencing systems. My particular example was new in 2006, and was part of an Accessgrid facility, I salvaged it when the audio system there was upgraded.

Of course being a condenser mic you can’t just connect it to any old thing and expect it to work. It requires an XLR cable and phantom power in order to operate. So to connect it to my PC I had to get an audio interface that would support it.

Step in the Swamp Industries SM11, a basic 3 channel Mixer with a builtin USB sound interface. It wasn’t too expensive either at just under $100 AUD. Add in an XLR cable and it was pretty much a case of plug and record, which was refreshingly easy.

The mixer has a few nifty features that I’ll be using, such as the ability to plug in head phones to monitor the audio being recorded, and being able to play audio through the USB sound card, so you can hear approximately what it will sound like over the PC sound output.

My audio set up is still quite new and I’m still working out all the kinks, I’ve found having a better mic can make doing good recordings more difficult as it picks up sounds that my old mic wouldn’t hear. Such as the sound of my old Sparcstation running in the background, or my air conditioner. But this is less of an audio problem and more an environmental one.

I’ve finished my first video using the new audio setup, have a listen bellow and let me know what you think.


Sparcie goes to youtube!

I’ve been thinking about creating youtube content for years, recently I finally got around to trying my hand at content creation. The technical aspects I’ve had sorted out for quite a while as I’ve been involved in supporting the technical aspects of remote teaching for quite a long time. It’s mostly the content itself which is the biggest challenge for me.

So I set myself up to record at home on my PC, I’ve installed some tools such as OBS, Audacity, Shotcut, and Handbrake, then sorted out the hardware as best I could. At the moment my microphone is probably the part that lets me down the most, being a relatively cheap one, but with everyone currently needing such technology it’s hard to get good equipment. I have an old web camera that is also sub optimal, but I don’t really plan on using it at this stage.

So what kind of content do I have planned? I’ve been planning on making some videos about gwbasic for some time, as the content I have seen hasn’t really been the sort that I’d like to watch. My first video is basically telling the story and demonstrating one of my gwbasic games that I made when I was a kid. In the future I’ll also cover stuff made by other people and in other languages such as QBasic and Pascal. However my focus is less on the programming and more on the programs themselves. Although if someone really wants a tutorial I may make a few.

I am thinking of doing gaming related content as well, perhaps some windows 9x games. I play a lot of Minecraft so that may get a showing as well.

Here’s my first video, warts and all. Let me know what you think.

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